al-Sawād al-A’dham: Unnamed Female

Unnamed Female

cAtā Ibn Abī Rabāḥ relates that [his teacher] Ibn cAbbās, may Allāh be pleased with him, once asked him, “Shall I not show you a woman from the people of Jannah ?”

cAtā replied, “Certainly.”

Ibn cAbbās said, “This black woman [i.e. Umm Ẓufar] came to the Prophet ﷺ and requested: I experience epileptic fits and become exposed, so make ducā to Allāh for me.”

[Ibn cAbbās stated that the Prophet ﷺ] replied, ‘If you wish you can be patient and you will get Jannah, and if you wish I will make ducā that Allāh gives you sound health.’

She replied, ‘I will be patient, but I become exposed;  make ducā that [this doesn’t happen].’

So he made ducā for her.”