From day wo’k, infinite pay?


On the day of Absolute Justice,
from their very heart
even the polytheist will shout,
“truly you have no peer!”
and the denier, full of fear,
will weep to no avail
as humanity lifts that awful cry,
“ah! alas! if only I…”

There is no way to try again
now that reality has set in
No way to make amends
for that mountain of sin
Now is the day Man runs
from kith and kin
And drowns in sweat
up to his chin

Mighty will be the scales erected
and justly will they measure
every single little deed
done by both pious and transgressor

“Safety! Safety,” shall be the chant
safety, as they cross that fiery expanse
some on hands and knees, full of fright
some upright, crossing like a flash of light

a land of Bliss everlasting; a Lord well-pleased
this is the sweet fruit sprouting
from the seed of righteous deeds
for this the pious and the penitent
strive and plead