al-Sawād al-A’dham: Anjasha


Abū Māriyah Anjasha al-Aswad al-Ḥādī was an Abyssinian. He was the women’s camel driver, and lead the wives of the Prophet during the Farewell Pilgrimage. He had a beautiful voice.

Anas Ibn Mālik, may Allah be pleased with him, relates, “Once the Prophet came to some of his wives while Umm Sulaym was with them. He subsequently said, ‘Woe, O Anjasha! Be gentle with the glass vessels.”

cAllāmah Muhammad Anwār Shāh Kashmiri, may Allah have mercy on him, explains the last words in the following manner: “Take your time and lead the animals as though they were carrying glass vessels. What is meant by glass vessels is women. Just as vessels are broken at the slightest blow, the hearts of women are affected by the slightest of things. Therefore, when you have a beautiful voice don’t let women hear it lest their hearts be tempted.”