al-Sawād al-A’dham: Abū Mu’āwiyah

Abū Mucāwiyah

Abū Mucāwiyah was one of the giants amongst the auliyāh of Allāh, and a companion of Sufyan al-Thawrī, Ibrāhīm ibn Adham, etc. He was counted amongst the abdāl.

One time he was seated on a wall of Tarsūs admonishing himself. Then he began crying profusely and lamented, “Alas! from a day when my color will change, my tongue will shake, my spit will dry up, and my provisions will be scanty!”

On one occasion he stated, “My brothers are all better than me.” Someone inquired, “How is that, O Abū Mucāwiyah?” He replied, “They all considered me superior to themselves, and whoever thinks I am superior to  them is better than me.”

Once a man came to visit him [after] he had gone blind [and found] there was a Qur’ān in his house. The man exclaimed, “May Allāh have mercy on you. You have a Qur’ān and you can’t see!”

Abū Mucāwiyah asked, “O my brother, can you conceal something until I die?”

The man replied in the affirmative, whereupon Abū Mucāwiyah informed him, “When I want to read the Qur’ān my sight [returns].”