Mock Lesson Plan II

Another lesson plan I drew in 2015, but for a different education class than the previous plan I posted.

Central State University
College of Education
Department of Professional Education

Lesson Plan Title: Phonics and Word recognition

Date:_________________ Number of Days Covered: 1_______________

Subject:English___________           Grade Level:1st Grade____________

Specific Observable/Measurable Learning Objectives: 100% students will be able to word blend “-at” with 75% accuracy.

Connections: Prior knowledge of /a/ and /t/ sound.

Evaluation of Student Learning: Evaluation strategies to be used: Going over various sounds of select letters. Evaluation aligns with goals by introducing the topic to students. Measurable data that can be collected from your assessment includes number of students aware of specific sounds/letters.

Required Materials for Lesson: Materials to be used include:  Pencils, paper, and Beginning Sound activity. Lesson will take up the entire class period.)

Student’s Background/Prior Knowledge/Experience: (Pre-Assessment; Prior knowledge will be accessed by going over the sounds of select letters.)

Main Ideas: (I can make words that end in “-at”.)

Motivational Strategy/Anticipatory Set for Lesson: The ‘hook’ will be singing the alphabet song.

Instructional Strategies to Be Used- Be Specific: What learning Activities Will be Used- One-on-one and whole group instruction.  Questions to Extend Student Thinking and sample responses (Higher Order Thinking Skills):  Can you recall (remember) the sound for (A, D, T, U, H, etc.)?

Differentiated Instructional Support: (What modifications/accommodations are required to meet needs of various students? Not just students on IEPs. Include gifted, distractible, etc.)

Integration of Technology: None.

Homework or Home Connections: Word matching activity.

Closure: In ten minutes we are going to finish up and put our things away. Don’t forget to put your names at the top of your worksheets, if you didn’t already, and hand the worksheets in on your way out.