al-Sawād al-A’dham: Sha’wānah


Shacwānah was a pious woman noted for weeping excessively out of the fear of Allāh. The great ẓāhid, Fudhail ibn cIyādh, once asked her to make ducā for him. She replied, “Isn’t there between you and Allāh [such an affair] that if you were to supplicate He would answer you?” [Hearing this,] Fudhail gasped, and fell unconscious.

She once mentioned that for every sickness there was a cure growing in the mountains, with the exception of the sickness [borne by] lovers. “Its cure,” she said, “does not grow in the mountains.”

Mucādh ibn Fadhl relates that Shacwānah used to cry so much that they feared she would become blind, so they spoke to her about that. She responded, “By Allāh, my becoming blind in this world due to weeping is more beloved than my going blind in the next due to the Fire.”