al-Sawād al-A’dham: Unnamed Female

Unnamed Female

Our mother, cĀisha, may Allāh be pleased with her, reports that a black woman who belonged to one of the Arab tribes embraced Islām and had a small house in the masjid. This woman used to visit our mother and converse with her. When she finished she would recite the following couplets:

The Day of Wishāḥ is from the wonders of our Lord

Listen! Indeed, He, from the lands of disbelief, saved me

After the woman had done this a number of times, our Mother inquired of her, “What is the day of wishāḥ? The ṣaḥābiyyah replied, “A young girl of some of my people went out one day with awishāḥ (i.e. decorated belt) made from a tanned skin which fell on the ground [ while she was unawares]. A kite came down and, thinking that it was meat, [flew off with it]. The people suspected me of stealing it and began torturing me until my affair reached to such an extent that they began looking for it in my privates.

While they were gathered around me, and I was utterly distraught, the kite came right above our heads and dropped [the belt]. They picked it up and I said, “This is the thing you were suspecting me [of stealing] while I was innocent.”

In Bukhārī the incident of the kite dropping the belt, etc. is mentioned first, then the young girl comes to the Messenger of Allāh , embraces Islām, and tells our Mother the story behind the lines of poetry.