Moral Conundrums?!

People do things they don’t like all the time. Students take classes they don’t enjoy. Workers drag themselves out of bed every day to go to jobs when they would rather not. Why? Because they hope to get some type of reward at the end of the day. In the hope of getting a degree that will get them a better job, students take those classes. In the hope of getting money so they can provide for themselves and/or their dependents workers deal with all sorts of abuses and mingle with people who, if they were given a choice, they would never mix with. In the hope of gaining some material benefit/reward that may or may not get them what they want they tolerate this. A friend mentioned recently that in the military they didn’t see the people passing the orders down, but they followed them whether or not they understood or agreed with them because they understood that at the end of the day, if they did their job, they would get paid, and that was all that mattered.

One of my teachers once mentioned that there is no such thing as freedom. One is either a slave to their desires, or they are a slave to the Creator. This is similar to the statement of the Sahabah when asked by the Persians as to why they had come, “To take the the slaves out of the enslavement of other slaves to the servitude of the Nourisher and Sustainer of the slaves.” The very idea that your values and morals are not in accordance to the values and morals that the Creator has commanded you to have would seem to be the root of the problem. Instead of being an obedient slave to that Being who created you, gave you life, allowed you to see, etc. you’ve taken up your desires as your Lord and Master, and decided to follow them wherever they take you. So you would kill a person because they raped your mother (after all she brought you into the world and took care of you), but the Creator who is the cause of your mother and father existing, who brought you out of nonexistence into existence, and put that love your mother has for you in her heart, orders you to do something, and like a spoiled, ungrateful child you balk and decide it would be better if you did something else.