al-Sawād al-A’dham: Mugīth


Ibn cAbbās , may Allāh be pleased with him, said, “The husband of Barīrah was a black slave called Mugīth. He belonged to such-and-such tribe.

It is as though I see him going around behind her in the lanes of Madīnah with his tears flowing on to his beard. The Prophet said to cAbbās,” O cAbbās, are you not amazed at the love of Mugīth for Barīrah and the dislike of Barīrah for Mugīth?” Then he said, “If only she would go back to him.”

She enquired, “O Messenger of Allāh, are you commanding me?”

He  replied, “ I am only interceding.”

She responded, “Then I have no need for him.”