Where to now, Feminism?

If I was allowed to bet, I would wager that the feminists who fought for suffrage would not be happy with the plight of women today. Western women have managed to replace the oppression being inflicted upon them in the house for another form of oppression, far more sinister. Now they have abandoned their children to the cold grip of public education so they can slave beneath the cold gaze of strangers for a meager wage. They trounce about naked and call it freedom. They may think it freedom, but if you have to write essays on how afraid you are to walk down the street because you think someone is going to rape you, there is something definitely wrong. Am I saying they are asking to be raped? Am I saying they deserve to be raped? No. I’m saying that they need to respect themselves and put some clothes on. They are the founding blocks of civilization itself, and yet they have let themselves be tricked into abandoning their glorious task for trinkets.

I am actually not surprised at the reaction. We see it in the Black Panthers. We see it in AIM (American Indian Movement). You can look into any place where there is oppression, and you will find an equally ugly and senseless reaction erupting to the fore. Truly, “oppression is worse than murder”. No one can oppress another group for long without suffering the consequences. These reactions, channeled solely through human intellect, usually are not pretty. For example, we may look at the black response to centuries of oppression. They did not stop at “Black is beautiful,” but continued to the point that they began claiming all of humanity sprang from them, and some even claimed that they, God forbid, were Divine. This, then, is the result of a completely man-made response to injustice, more injustice.