Local Colleges Could Get $58m in Construction Bill

In the next two years more than fifty eight million dollars worth of construction projects could come to colleges and universities in the Miami Valley. Central State University is supposed to get nineteen million dollars towards a new student center, Wright State University is supposed to get twelve point five million towards their Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration building and other improvements, and Sinclair Community college is supposed to get seven point two million towards their Life and Sciences Education Center and numerous building improvements. Ohio hasn’t had a capital bill since 2008, so these universities have been waiting for a while. For the past 14 years Ohio universities and colleges got money based on the age of the campus facilities, enrollment, and the amount of maintenance required. Gov. John Kasich got rid of this formula and formed a committee of college and university leaders to figure out which projects best served the entire state. Still  the President of the University of Toledo, Lloyd Jacobs, who served on the committee, said that the  four hundred million dollars is “not nearly enough” to fix deferred maintenance worsened by lack of funding.

(Source: Daytondailynews.com)